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Frequently asked questions

Why another TimeTracking App?

We tried a tons of TimeTracking Applications, sometimes we found great Apps, but we often miss a bit or two, i.e. a really extensive way to manage budgets or a specific integration with a tool... but the main reason we developed Delta is to keep it simple, no redundant, invasive, exotheric, pseudo-automated way to track time, just what we need, and maybe what You need.

Is Delta TimeTracking Free?

We provide a free self hosted version of the Delta Time server, via Docker container, downloadable here.

We also have a cloud plan, with a 15 days trial, that brings external tools integrations; or a fully customized version, tailored on Your needs.

You say Delta is for everyone, but who is the typical user?

Delta is for eveyone that wants to manage their time, towards profitable projects! A construction company that wants to keep an eye on budgets of their building sites tracking collaborators hours and materials costs. Or a Consultancy Firm that needs a tool to track time worked on a project and get payed for it.

Besides Delta is great to manage an external workforce, via Zendesk, Trello and other integrations!

What do you mean with "Integrations"?

We want to satisfy a need: give the access to informations from internal tools, i.e. accesso to Zendesk tickets or Trello boards, to the external workforce, consultants/collaborators, so they can access those info, use them to get their job done, and then track time directly in Delta.

Our idea of Integration is the opposite of what you may think: the third party tools are accessible via Delta.

Of course we plan to integrate Delta Time Tracking into third party tools, to track on Delta without leaving them, but this is mainstream 🙂

Is it easy to migrate to Delta from another tool?

Yesss, we provide a few step data importer to start use Delta, filled with your data.

Time Tracking, made simple

No meaningless timers, no automatic deamon monitoring your apps, just the details you need.

Keep an eye on budgets & analize costs

Set your budget for a project, and then analize your profitability on your favourite tools.

Integrate your working tools, i.e. Zendesk, Trello, Asana...

Track time on projects or entities from your integrated tools, seamlessly.

Deliver on time. Start using Delta today.

Track & bill your work effectively towards profitable projects

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