Give the access to company tools’ data, i.e. access to Zendesk tickets or Trello boards, to the external workforce, consultants/collaborators, so they can access those info, use them to get their job done, and then track time directly into Delta!

Track your external workforce

Your external collaborators can track their activities on Delta Time, directly on the assigned Zendesk ticket, Trello card, Asana Task, and more.

  • Asana


    Team projects and tasks manager.

  • Microsoft Planner

    Microsoft Planner

    Task management kanban solution for Teams.

  • Trello


    Simple Boards, Lists & Cards project manager.

  • Zendesk


    Best in class ticketing solution.

All your team activity, in one place

Associate your Tickets domain, your Boards or your Projects to Delta Projects and manage your time in one place: track on your tool entites and analyse your aggregated data per Project/Client.


Asana helps you manage projects, focus on what’s important, and organize work in one place for seamless collaboration.

Let your collaborators track time on Asana projects and tasks

Browse your project details

Link your Asana projects to Delta and group all your activities for a client, tracked on Asana or Delta projects.

MS Planner

Get more work done with Planner. Create Kanban boards using content-rich tasks with features including files, checklists, and labels

Track time on your Planner Board/Cards

Check all the attributes of a Card directly on Delta, attachments too

Card details are formatted accordingly to the Planner app, to do lists included



Trello makes it easy for your team to get work done. No matter the project, workflow, or type of team, Trello can help keep things organized.

Track time on your Planner Board/Cards

Check all the attributes of a Card directly on Delta, including labels and custom formatting

Tracked time could be marked as Billable or not


The best in class Ticketing system of Zendesk, linked to Delta, and your external workforce!

Associate a ticket to one o more user via tags

Create a custom tag with the list of users on Zendesk via Delta

Browse all the ticket history directly on Delta

Write tracked time in a custom object table in Zendesk



Jira Software comes out-of-the-box with the features and best practices agile teams need to develop and evolve their agile practices.

(coming soon)

Time Tracking, made simple

No meaningless timers, no automatic deamon monitoring your apps, just the details you need.

Keep an eye on budgets & analize costs

Set your budget for a project, and then analize your profitability on your favourite tools.

Approval Workflow

Let your collaborators know what they can bill you with the Approval Workflow of their Tracked Time

Deliver on time. Start using Delta today.

Track & bill your work effectively towards profitable projects

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